Photo graciously taken by Karen Savignon

This is my family, those are my 4 boys, and that is my amazing husband. And having this picture taken was NOT an easy task. BUT it was so important to have done. That whole day was crazy. I promise you, the day you schedule your session; your children will not nap, someone will probably bust their forehead or lip open, someone won't fit in, or will fight you on the outfit you have had picked out for weeks. I changed my shirt 5 times trying to cover that 4 month postpartum belly. It was like 720 degrees out in Texas that August. But this picture had to happen.

See that chunky little baby in my arms? He was born with a severe heart defect. We didn't get to take Newborn pictures because he was having his first open heart surgery at 9 days old. We had spent 10 weeks fighting for him in the ICU to bring him home. We needed to capture this moment before  it was time to take him back for his second open heart surgery a month after this. The statistics for his diagnosis are not great, so we knew we had to have these pictures taken. Even with all the chaos of that day, the stress, the tears, the fact we had to pull a feeding tube out of his nose to get this picture; was all worth it. I don't look at this picture now and remember all that; I just see my first family picture. Of all of us, with all 4 of my boys, outside of hospital walls. 

Your pictures will be worth it too. Even if you don't feel perfect, even if your kids are crazy, even if the weather is not ideal. It will be worth it. Because you will make memories, you will have captured the people you love at this moment in time. And quite honestly; none of us know how many moments we have together. That's why now is the best time! And these pictures; they are for you. They are for your children. They are part of the legacy you will leave behind. They are not for your followers, friends, or fans on social media. They are for you. They are to hang on your walls, and bring a smile to your face when you walk by. They are for you to treasure for years to come, when your babies are grown. They are to celebrate the life you have been given, and those who you share it with. And when you allow me to step into your world, to capture these moments for you; I am humbled. 

I have taken pictures for babies in their first few days on earth, and I have taken pictures when it is their last few days on earth. Every one of these moments is a celebration of life. And every life is so incredibly valuable, so beautiful and precious. Please drop me a line, and let me know how I can help you celebrate the lives you hold dear! 

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my boys now.