Longing for Spring....and Garden Baby Sessions!!!

It has been so blah outside lately in Dallas. I keep waiting for 2 days of sun in a row, but that doesn’t seem to happen. The clouds make for great diffused light during an in-home newborn session. But I am dreaming of warm days and spring colors so I can start my Garden Baby sessions for the year. I know I shouldn’t complain. In Texas I can almost shoot newborns outside for 8 months, but I’m getting a little anxious here. So, I decided to revisit some images from some past Garden Baby sessions to get me through this drizzly day.


The first time I took a newborn outside was almost 4 years ago. My sweet next-door neighbor just had a baby, so I did what any neighbor would do and asked If I could take pictures of her new baby next to the tree roots in the backyard at our rental home. Because that was about the only photographic spot on the property. This being her 5th baby; she was totally on board and was down with the earthy vibes. I still love these images, and that’s how my love for outdoor newborns began! (As seen above and below here)


There is just something organic and lovely about taking a new baby out in nature. Something about new life surrounded by the Lord’s creation budding from the earth. It probably also has to do with my love for the outdoors. Away from screens, and things that plug in, and just feeling small in a big beautiful world.


Have you thought about doing an outdoor newborn session? I know sometimes new parents may not feel comfortable with it all, but let me assure you I take just as much care as with an indoor session! Baby is always posed and tucked safely in a prop. I always spray things with a natural bug repellent, and I know people worry about the Texas heat, but we will do them at an hour when it’s not too hot. But remember; baby just came out of a 90-degree oven for 9 months, so they usually sleep undisturbed for the whole session! As far as the location; it can be at a local park, your own yard, or even your neighbor’s well-manicured landscape (which was done in the images below)



If you are thinking about it shoot me an email!! I’d love to chat and dream with you about these glorious sessions!